the fight for freedom and how would y... 1:50
v ideo/telling or asking how would you handle our fight for freedom

Imagine all this coming to be.
The death of America,
The death of you and me.

The death of Freedom,
The death of Democracy.

The death of God and Christ,
If faith- is what you believe,
And all of you who donâ??t believe,
Imagine our children
-hanging from a tree

Imagine all this coming to be
What would you do?,
all of you- !
who love to be free,

what would you do
if all this came to be
and the lies of our tongues
brought death to the free.

My brothers and sisters,
What would you do?
Could you just imagine,
that our brothers and sisters-
blinded from truth,
to believe that Allah-
Jehovah God
calls for the death-
of me and you and
our brother Jews.

[for the truth is-- Allah Jehovah God ---wants you to Love each other and us as we Love each other and you.]

â?¦the madpoet.

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