Part of a series of videos on women at war. This one is a tribute to my friend Capt. Agnes "Irish" Breneahan, a Vietnam era veteran from Fort McClellan. She suffered from PTSD and Agent Orange, but never stopped fighting for all veterans. A true unsung hero. She passed away after a hearing on her claim in Washington on March 11, 2009 without ever seeing justice for herself. This is a tribute to her and all the female veterans she fought so hard for.
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NamGuardianAngel commented on March 07, 2010
Americansnot4sa­le, thank you very much and I pray that all out veterans are taken care of.
americansnot4sale commented on March 06, 2010
I went thru basic in 1980, Charlie Co 1st Battalion at Ft. McClellan, Al and my life has been hell ever since with med problems. Its time for all the brave females to get recognized and compensated. Love to hear from other Vets. Contact Irma at americansnot4sa­