United States Military 6:00
This is one of many slideshows / videos I have made supporting the U.S.

Military. I am enlisted in the Marine Corps and go to MCRD San Diego on July 13.
My videos and time spent on them are dedicated to Jason L. Dunham. Although I

never knew or met the young Marine, his actions uphold and show what the Marine

Corps tradition truly is about. Born November 10, 1981 (The Marine Corps

birthday) he jumped on an enemy grenade, covering it with his helmet and saving

the lives of two other Marines in exchange for his own. He died eight days later

on April 22, 2004 at the age of 22. He later received the highest medal of the

United States Military, the Medal of Honor. Cpl. Dunham's act of heroism will

never be forgotten. Semper Fi.
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