US Marines "Mojave Viper" Combat Tra... 3:39
Marines turn up the volume when it comes to training for deployment. The exercise, known as Mojave Viper, consists of conventional combined-arms training and stability and support operations training. Mojave Viper covers a multitude of aspects in preparing a Marine battalion for war. Early on, the Marines and Sailors receive classes including desert survival, high-risk capture procedures, and how to identify and avoid improvised explosive devices. The battalion experiences an onslaught of realistic training, such as live-fire movement/maneuver at the reinforced platoon and company sized level. Finally, the battalion will be involved in combat scenarios in an artificial desert town housing over 300 role players. The battalion will get the benefit of training in an urban environment against an opposing force whose methods are based on current enemy tactics, techniques and procedures. Mojave Viper will assist a Marine battalion in bringing well-trained Marines and Sailors to the fight.
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