The Point of No Return - Battle of M... 1:29
I took off with a thousand pound bomb. The first time I had ever taken off with a live bomb. And headed out to where we thought the Japanese were going to be. They werenâ??t there.

We were at the point of no return as far as fuel is concerned. Commander McClosky, he decided that he would go another 15 minutes. And I figured Iâ??d never get back to the carrier. McClosky saw this destroyer going at great speed and he followed it and I can see the formation of the Japanese fleet. We entered our dives and at 10:05, three carriers were out of commission, and they did subsequently sink. My squadron had 15 planes and five of us got back and it was all because of lack of fuel.

Even though I was just one of many that were participating I, ah, I feel kinda proud about it.
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