Sgt. Crowley Speaks After the Rose G... 8:18
Today Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley and Professor Henry Gates met with Obama and Biden at the White House in the Rose Garden, ostensibly to have a â??teachable moment.â?%9D

Sgt. Crowleyâ??s presser was very illuminating, and he said something I was PRAYING we would find out; that neither he nor anybody else apologized to anybody. He said they â??agreed to disagree.â?%9D

I think if anyone is owed an apology, itâ??s Sgt. Crowley, the original 911 caller, and cops all over the U.S.A., whose characters were incorrectly maligned.

So for this teachable momentâ?¦whoâ??s doing the teaching, whatâ??s being taught, and whoâ??s being taught?
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