Riot Police Manage Protesters 4:27
President George W. Bush was in Bellevue (WA) on the Monday of August 27, 2007 to raise money and gather support for Washington Congressman Dave Reichert (R). The U.S. Pres. was in Washington for a little more than two hours, most of the time speaking at the Hyatt Hotel. Almost 1,000 protesters greeted him along with a handful of supporters. Security was tight; the Secret Service worked with multiple law enforcement agencies, including Washington State Patrol, King County Sheriff, Bellevue Police Department, Clyde Hill Police Department, Medina Police Department, Seattle Police Department, and Redmond Police Department. There were extra crowd control units were called in from Seattle and King County to handle the protesters. King County Helicopter, Guardian Two, patrolled the sky overhead downtown Bellevue. No arrests were made.
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