RC-135 Rivet Joint recon aircraft ... 6:28
RC-135 Rivet Joint tail number 135 is the same aircraft that I used to fly on back in the 70s and 80s. It has been updated with some very sweet upgrades, and the crew was either just returning from or heading to the Sandbox - again. Back in my day, HQ never would have allowed such an open tour of a Top Secret aircraft, but in today's technological world, once you turn the computer monitors off - there ain't much to see anyway. The remarkable thing was that there are NO more parachutes on the positions or stowed in the aft. Consider that these guys fly and face the same hostile threats magnified up the yazoo... its incredible. To me, it just shows that today's airmen are VERY sure of their training, equipment and operations. They know their chit man. ;) reeko
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