Leo Thorsness was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions over Northern Vietnam in April, 1967. After destroying a Surface to Air Missile site Leo Thorsness' wingman was shot down over enemy territory. As the airmen drifted toward the ground under their parachutes enemy aircraft arrived. Thorsness shot one Mig down, but due to low fuel had to retreat to a nearby tanker. During the early stages of the rescue Thorsness received word that enemy aircraft threated the safety of the rescue aircraft. He immediately proceeded to the area and as he was arriving one of the rescue aircraft was shot down. He drew the enemy aircraft off and subsequently outran them at altitudes as low as 20 feet. Low on fuel he proceeded once again to a tanker at which point another aircraft with less fuel made the request to take Thorsness' fuel. Hoping to make it as far as Thailand Thorsness gave up his fuel and began to climb. His aircraft ran out of fuel on the runway at Udorn just 8 miles across the Thai border.
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