When National Guards go to Iraq or Afghanistan, they serve with the regular military but have to come home, back to police departments, fire departments and responding to natural traumatic events. What we don't think about is that they are also bring the war back home inside of them, but doing what they always do. Being there when we need them.
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NamGuardianAngel commented on July 25, 2010
This is why we all need to get the word out about this,,,,, National Guard and Reserve suicide rates climbing By DAVID GOLDSTEIN McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON -- Suicides among Army and Air National Guard and Reserve troops have spiked this year, and the military is at a loss to explain why. Sixty-five members of the Guard and Reserve took their own lives during the first six months of 2010, compared with 42 for the same period in 2009. The grim tally is further evidence that suicides continue to plague the military even though it's stepped up prevention efforts through counseling and mental health awareness programs. http://www.miam­­/07/25/1745790/n­ational-guard-and-reserve-suicide.html
NamGuardianAngel commented on December 17, 2009
Thank you Jim. None of this is new and seeing the suffering that does not have to happen, should break all of our hearts. The media is more interested in Tiger Woods.
jim commented on December 16, 2009
thank you from a vietnam vet. we need to keep this moving for all vets who have made it home & their families & friends.
jim commented on December 16, 2009
thank you from a vietnam viet - we need to keep this moving for all the other vets who have come home & their families.
NamGuardianAngel commented on December 15, 2009
jcthunderheart, thank you very much. I just wish the people in charge would listen. None of what we are seeing today with PTSD has to happen but people like me are never heard. My husband has PTSD and I've been helping veterans as much as I can since 1982. Wives like me had to learn the hard way, but we did learn and lived with it everyday. My husband is a Vietnam vet.
jcthunderheart commented on December 15, 2009
Beautifully Done and it moved me so deeply. Gave me the chills
jcthunderheart commented on December 15, 2009
Beautifully done. This moves me deeply.
NamGuardianAngel commented on November 01, 2009
Hi Paul, That was beautiful. They are all in my prayers while they are away and when they come home. Too often we forget they still need our prayers when they are home but find out that is when they need us the most. I will say a special prayer for your son and for you and your family right now. May God fill you with comfort and ease your fears. May He watch over your son and all those he serves with and send His angels to protect them as they serve. "No greater love has a man than to be willing to lay down his life for his friends." and with this, there is love there with them.
Paul Leon commented on November 01, 2009
I will pray that God will heal our men and women, our sons and daughters, our Fathers and Mothers, our aunts and uncles, our nieces and nephews, our neighbors and coworkers, all that fought to protect my right to freedom. I ask that you too pray with zeal so that God hears our pryers collectively and individually and may grant our heartfelt concern for our loved ones to be whole again. May God bless you and keep you. Paul Gibat father of SSGT Chistopher Edward Gibat who is in harms way as wee speak.
NamGuardianAngel commented on October 28, 2009
LestWeForget, thank you very much for the comment. I really appreciate it. God willing others will get the message.
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