Mule by Lockheed Martin #10 Combat Tech 0:39
Lockheed Martin's Multifunction Utility/Logistics and Equipment (MULE) offers extraordinary capability in unmanned vehicle technology. The MULE's highly advanced 6x6 independent articulated suspension, coupled with in-hub motors powering each wheel, provides extreme mobility in complex terrain, far exceeding that of vehicles using more conventional suspension systems. It climbs at least a 1-meter step, and can cross 1-meter gaps, traverse side slopes greater than 40 percent, ford water to depths over 0.5 meter and overpass obstacles as high as 0.5 meter while compensating for varying payload weights and center-of-gravity locations. The MULE includes three variants: Armed Robotic Vehicle - Assault (Light), Transport and Countermine.

The Air Assault version is armed with a rapid-fire suppressive weapon and an anti-tank capability. It is designed to provide immediate heavy firepower to the dismounted Soldier.

The Transport MULE configuration is designed to support the Future Force Soldier by providing the volume and payload capacity to carry the equipment and supplies to support two dismounted infantry squads. Multiple tie-down points and removable/foldable side railings support virtually any payload variation, including casualty evacuation.

The Countermine variant is designed to detect and mark mines and minefields, greatly increasing the safety and mobility of the infantryman.
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