Every day in this Country ordinary Americans become extraordinary. These acts of courage and self-sacrifice would inspire us all if only we knew about them. Now, every year on March 25, National Medal of Honor Day, three United States citizens will be awarded the Citizen Service Above Self Honors.
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TerrorPatriot commented on August 09, 2010
As I have stated numerous times, all of our military service personel who served this country honorably commands my unconditional respect. However I do believe that most of the military adventures embarked on by this country were contrived and facilitated internally at the behest of a few wealthy elitist entities for the very simple reason of expanding and consolidating their own wealth and hold on power. The government of the United States Of America has always been controlled by them and it always will. Are there any questions as to why this terrorist exporting country is the number one target of others from around the world?
sda commented on April 02, 2010
god bless our veterans for it is their service and sacrifice that we need to remember and not take for granted. These Americans are the backbone of our nation and the patriots who carry on the duties of of forefathers. Let's not confuse politicians with military members, please!