Marcus Luttrell's Dog Murdered by Pu... 9:00
Today on Glenn Beck's show, he had former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell on to talk about what happened to him last week. You see it seems some dumb-ass punks were driving the Texas countryside, summarily executing dogs.

Marcus was at home, it was late at night and he was awake. He heard a gunshot outside, told his mom to stay inside, and when he went outside he saw a group of punks standing around his yellow lab named "Dasy," lying dead in the ditch. These punks had shot Dasy with a .357 and killed her. Dasy was very special to Marcus, because she served not only as his therapy dog, but her very name was an acronym for the members of his SEAL team who fought and died in Afghanistan - Danny, Axe, Southern Boy (Marcus) and Yankee.

Marcus chased these punks over four counties, and he nearly shot the driver. Finally the Rangers caught up with these punks in Huntsville, TX and the idiots in handcuffs were laughing about it. They said they would also kill Marcus. Do these dou***bags not know about Marcus?

Di***ead Alfonso Hernandez was charged with Cruelty to Animals and is facing up to two years in prison, and di***ead #2, Michael Edmonds, is currently on the run.

If you have any information on Edmonds, please contact Sgt. Steven Jeter at the Huntsville, TX Ranger station at 936-435-0152. Please see my blog post for their pictures, and if you're in Texas, keep an eye out for these brutal bastards who executed this hero's dog.
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