John Diggs speaks of troops armed wit... 2:42
John Diggs speaks of troops armed with "Faith in the Foxhole". Wounded in Iraq, John suffered injuries from 2 grenades requiring 13 operations in a period of 65 days
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TriedByFire commented on October 17, 2009
I would've been grateful to have a Rapid Deployment Kit Bible that fit in my uniform cargo pocket during my 20-yr career so I could have it on me during exercises and deployments! Instead I had my 6-lb high school graduation Bible at "home"­; (wherever my mobility bags happened to be each day) which gave me little time each day to read God's living Word. If I had known about Military Ministry and about the Christ-committed Chaplains in Military Ministry's network, especially during my separation from my husband in Army Special Forces, I would have had the life-changing support and resources I desparately needed to see God BIG and my personal/milita­ry challenges and troubles small.