Its More Than A Uniform - Navy Medic... 0:49
This is a commercial created by the Advertising & Promotions class at the Johns Hopkins University for the U.S. Navy Medical Corps. This partnership was made possible by Edventure Partners. All ideas are purely ideas, this is not official U.S. Navy advertisement but was used to promote U.S. Navy Physicians on campus.
U.S. Navy HPSP (Medical Scholarship!)
The U.S. Navy physicians...
-Can receive 100% medical school tuition coverage to a school of their choice
-Can get up to a $20,000* sign-on bonus and stipend
-Are protected from malpractice insurance and lawsuits
-Have state-of-the-art technology and facilities
-Have the chance to travel
-Have wide areas and choices for specialization
-Do not go through bootcamp
-Are trained and prestigious Officers
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