When it comes to the wound of war that leaves a scar on the soul, Vietnam veterans have been there fighting to make sure it is treated and helping to heal all generations of veterans. Brothers taking care of brothers and sisters like no one else can understand.
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NamGuardianAngel commented on June 27, 2010
It is not up to those who serve where they go or what enemy they face. The only thing that is up to them, are they are willing to lay down their lives for the sake of others. Up until Vietnam, many of them were drafted. In other words, forced to serve. Yet these same men managed to do heroic acts saving others. They earned medals including the Medal of Honor, and yes, they earned the gratitude too many are unwilling to even begin to understand. Man has gone to war with man since the beginning of time and probably will until the very end but while we "complain&­quot; about what they end up sacrificing, they are the only ones doing any sacrifices at all. No one like war, but we need warriors willing to fight. No one likes crime but we need cops on the streets to fight back. No one likes fires but we need firefighters to risk their lives saving others. As for what we value, it always depends on how we look at it.
mat din commented on June 26, 2010
i appreciate what the most american veterans did and at the same time, I am pitty them too. The only mistake the american did was they shouldnt interfere others. Let others decide what they want to be. look at Iraq, Afghan, Korea, Vietnam .. u are not solving the problem, you are making it worst .. leave them alone .. there are so many ways to overcome the problem