America's Elite Navy SEALs 5 Extrem... 6:17
:15 All SEAL Winter Platoon's have this picture of Ancient Norse Winter Warriors to remind us of our roots.
:25 Don Shipley
:30 Prep for Night Assault
:41 Submarine Lockout
:59 Helo Soft Duck.
1:07 Submarine Lockout Training.
1:19 Weekly Team Swim.
2:04 Don Shipley Center, Richard "Mack" Machowicz 2nd from right.
3:05-3:09 Swimmers exit the torpedo tube of a submarine. The first swimmer enters backwards and the second swimmer enters facing him. The torpedo outer doors are closed and slowly the tube is drained in total darkness. A long process, claustrophobic, and very hairy.
5:01 Tethered Duck.
5:07 Intravenous Training. All SEALs are taught this skill. Don Shipley receiving.
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