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This is an introduction video I made for Marine Corporal Aaron Mankin. Cpl Mankin was badly wounded when engaging in Operation Matador in eastern Iraq. Cpl Mankin spoke at The Summit Business Persons' Luncheon at The Church at Pinnacle Hills on November 8, 2007. Special thanks to Cpl Mankin for his selfless service to his fellow Americans.
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Dawn commented on June 28, 2010
I have know Aaron for nearly 15 years. He is a man of strong character and determination. I always knew he would make a strong impact on the world. I couldn't have forseen the path that got him there, but he has lived up to every expectation.
navyjr commented on September 25, 2009
Greatness of character is inseparable from adversity. Many of the stories on Great Americans reflect this truth. One of those is the story of Marine Corporal Aaron Mankin. Corporal Mankin was badly burned from an IED attack during an operation to stop insurgents flowing into Iraq form Syria. His vehicle was blown more than 10 feet into the air. Afterwards, Mankin recalls, "I opened my eyes and I realized I was on fire." Mankin was so badly burned that it was six weeks before he could bear to look at himself in a mirror. But he made a decision to not give up. "I knew inside I was still the same man," he recalls. "You can either be hurt - and continue to be hurt - and let that be the rest of your life. Or you can turn it around." Corporal Mankin returned home, married his sweetheart, and is now the father of a beautiful baby girl. Of his injuries, Mankin says they help him appreciate what he has been given. "I work harder at loving my daughter because of my injuries. I want her to see my scars as an advantage."­; We all have a lot to learn from his story. -- Matt Daniels Creator and Executive Producer