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For millions around the world, June 25th will be remembered as the day Michael Jackson died, but for Martha Gillis it will always be the day her nephew, 1st Lt. Brian Bradshaw, was killed by an IED in Afghanistan.
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brad.harris6 commented on October 28, 2009
The life Brian lived he lived for me and you. The life Brian gave, he gave for me and you. Juxtapose that to the death of Michael Jackson on the same day and the amount of attention they each received ... it is very sobering. Thank you CBS for bringing this to our attention! And thank you to Brian for your life given in sacrifice for us!
navyjr commented on September 25, 2009
Would you like to know why we've labored long and hard to create Great Americans? This video will tell you why. The day Michael Jackson died was also the day Brian Bradshaw died in combat in Afghanistan. Bradshaw was honored in his hometown. But the rest of America never noticed. This video is hard to watch, but it's worth watching. And CBS deserves a lot of credit for producing and airing it. A culture that worships celebrities - fawning over every minute detail of their lives and deaths - implicitly devalues the greatness of the ordinary men and women who make real sacrifices to sustain our society. Some are in uniform. Some are the parents, spouses and family members who support those who protect us - both at home and abroad. This is the story of the sacrifice of one 24-year-old American soldier and his family. But it is also the story of many other families throughout our history. If we forget them, we cannot survive as a nation. In fact, we don't deserve to. -- Matt Daniels Creator and Executive Producer