Roy Benavidez was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions West of Loc Ninh, South Vietnam in May of 1968. When word that a squad was pinned down by enemy fire Roy Benavidez immediately volunteered to exact their rescue. During the course of the effort he subjected himself to constant enemy fire and suffered numerous injuries, but still led the remaining soldiers to protect and defend their position even after their first rescue helicopter was shot down.
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commented on November 16, 2014
What a wonderful man and story! Praise God for brave men like you, and for all who serve their country. I thank God that you were able to walk again. God bless you. SN Mary FelkerLasley 1965 -1967
commented on September 15, 2014
Thank you sir and God Bless. We need more Americans such as yourself. My Dad would have been proud to hear your words. You are a true inspiration.
commented on September 15, 2014
Thank you sir and God Bless! My dad would have been proud. We need more dedicated Americans, such as yourself. You are truly an inspiration.
commented on August 20, 2014
What a wonderful man!! GOD bless him and GOD continue to bless America, there are still many of us that still believe in our country and our GOD!! GOD bless America. Pauline Moreau Pauline Moreau
commented on August 18, 2014
What a man! Every politician should be forced to watch this video everyday. I am sick of the disrespect and disdain these politicians have for the military now. It is an absolute shame that our men and women are regarded as pieces of meat rather than the potential Benevidez's of the future.
commented on August 09, 2014
This extraordinary, ordinary man has gold in his heart for all. He is an inspiration, and courage so far beyond all others that he makes me want to cry with joy that people like this gentleman live in this world. God Bless him, Good keep America free!
commented on August 05, 2014
Airborne all the Way, SF show the way when all else fails. God speed and I will never forget. Never was a more deserving honor delayed for so long. Thanks for the memories. Sgt Beets 1968
commented on August 04, 2014
This is what more Americans need to remember today!
commented on August 04, 2014
commented on July 31, 2014
May god bless the MEN and WOMEN, who stand for LIFE, LIBERTY,and the USA. LETS NOT FORGET THE MEN AND WOMEN of the COUNTRIES who stand with US. AMEN
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