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Posted 2011-11-28 by Great Americans Blogger
Tibor Rubin's story shows how the great adversity can produce the great character.  Sent to a concentration camp as a child, Rubin vowed that he would become a GI Joe after being liberated by American soldiers. He later saved his Army unit in...
Posted 2011-10-03 by Great Americans Blogger
do you do when a 15 year old car thief steals a BMW and decides to threaten the
public by driving at 150 mph like he is playing Grand Theft Auto?  You chase
him in a police Camaro with a 350 horsepower engine.  The teen d...
Posted 2011-09-26 by Great Americans Blogger
As part of our partnership with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, Great Americans is proud to bring you the stories of real American heroes like Drew Dix.  As a young special forces officer in Vietnam, Dix drove his jeep on a rescue...
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